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Iceland’s Unique Christmas Approach: Skipping the Ad for Customer Care

Iceland’s unique christmas. This year, Iceland, the supermarket chain, did something pretty unexpected. Instead of rolling out a flashy, attention-grabbing Christmas ad, they decided to opt out altogether. Why? Well, their managing director, Richard Walker, made it crystal clear: it’s all about their customers.

With almost a third of people planning to cut back on their Christmas spending, Iceland thought it was best to direct their resources towards helping their customers out during what seems like a tricky time financially.

A Different Angle

Last time around, Iceland delivered a World Cup-themed Christmas ad with familiar faces like Noddy Holder and Brian Blessed. But this year, they’re steering away from the glitz and glamour, putting their focus squarely on supporting their shoppers.

The Money Game

The world of ads during Christmas is a huge deal, no kidding! Companies are gearing up to shell out an incredible £9.5 billion on Christmas ads this year alone. Yes, you read that right—a whopping increase of 4.8% from last year’s already mind-blowing £9 billion expenditure.

The Battle of Commercials

It’s like a superstar showdown in the advertising world, with brands pulling out all the stops to make the most impactful and star-studded Christmas ads. This year’s lineup reads like a who’s who: Dawn French, Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney, Michael Bublé, Rick Astley, and Graham Norton. They’re all set to shine in various Christmas commercials for big names like M&S Food, Asda, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose.

Spending Plans

According to Deloitte’s research, it seems most people are gearing up to spend more this Christmas compared to last year. That said, there’s still a chunk, about 29%, who are planning to tighten their belts this festive season. The silver lining? It’s a drop from the 39% who had similar plans last year.

It’s quite the different approach Iceland is taking—skipping the glitz and celebrity cameos to channel their resources into assisting their customers navigate what might be a financially challenging SLOTASIABET season.